2020.11.19 share

スパイクスアジアは、Awards Account Manager であるMatt Garrardによるスパイクスアジアへの作品エントリーの際に参考になるウェビナーを開催します。




PART 1: THE BUSINESS CASE FOR CREATIVITY – We know that investment in creativity drives business performance for creative companies. We’ll share our research into the effectiveness of creatively awarded work and explain how to develop an award-winning culture that raises your creative bar as well as what winning a Spike Award can do for your business.
25 Nov 2020, 5pm to 5.20pm SGT
日本時間:2020年11月25日18:00 – 18:20

PART 2: HOW TO ENTER SPIKES ASIA – Guiding you through every step of the Spikes Asia Awards process. You’ll learn how to choose Awards and categories for your work and the materials you’ll need to prepare for your entry. Plus, insights into how your work is judged – the criteria, what the jurors are looking for, how the work is awarded – from our previous Juries.
27 Nov 2020, 5pm to 5.30pm SGT
日本時間:2020年11月27日18:00 – 18:30

PART 3: WHAT’S NEW FOR 2021 – Explaining what this year’s changes to the Awards mean for you,  including a guide to the key dates for 2021 and eligibility.
02 Dec 2020, 5pm to 5.20pm SGT
日本時間:2020年12月2日18:00 – 18:20

PART 4: HOW TO CRAFT YOUR ENTRY –  Expert advice on how to make sure that the magic of your idea is as clear as possible for the Jury. Including advice on what to consider before producing your case film and how to approach the written submission, with guidance from past Jurors and winners.
04 Dec 2020, 5pm to 5.20pm SGT
日本時間:2020年12月4日18:00 – 18:20