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Firstly, there is a growing trend to go beyond the campaign and creative aspects of briefs. Many entries focused on social change or tackling societal taboos. However, even more noteworthy is that some projects now incorporate sustainability and circularity within the overall concept. Another trend I saw in entries is the ubiquitous presence of artificial intelligence as an element of the creative process or output. These trends show that the creative process is being used to go beyond the borders of traditional approaches and outcomes. More often than not, meaningful conversations and the intersection of technology and ingenuity are being brought into the conversation.

Secondly, I have observed that the healthcare sector approaches are moving upstream. Some entries started health-related conversations much earlier than when treatment is necessary, or a product can be sold. These projects tackled social impact and educational angles to inform people better and support social outcomes or build awareness in relevant areas such as consent.





A volume of entries showcased great craft in their execution of the output. Additionally, the creativity in the solutions makes it very hard to create a showcase in 3 entries. Aside from the Healthcare Grand Prix entry – The Missing Chapter, and 3 entries are worth mentioning as a reference in creative outcomes.

多くの作品が、アウトプットの実行において素晴らしい技巧を披露しています。ソリューションの創造性が高いため、3作品を選ぶのはとても難しいですが、ヘルスケアグランプリの「The Missing Chapter」とクリエイティブな成果の参考となる3つの作品を紹介します。




The Killer Pack shows ingenuity in understanding typical human behaviour. It uses it to create a sustainable and impactful healthcare outcome for communities needing support, and meaningful results were achieved with their partnership with local governments.

The Killer Packは、人間の典型的な行動を理解することに創意工夫を凝らしています。


Rememory took a circular economy angle to tackle the stigma and lack of awareness about Alzheimer’s desease and dementia. The team brought people suffering from these conditions to be at the centre of the campaign, creating a powerful message and humanizing the conversation around this topic.



Classify Consent showcased the breadth of the healthcare category and how meaningful conversations are needed to educate and pose questions about what should be perceived as ok. The campaign successfully impacted the market, led the way across the globe, and cleverly showcased how our perception of consent needs to be updated.
Classify Consentは、ヘルスケアというカテゴリーを幅広くとらえました。性的同意において適切な行動とは何か、疑問を投げかけ、教育するには、いかに有意義な会話が求められているかを紹介しました。このキャンペーンは、市場にインパクトを与え、世界をリードし、私たちの性的同意に対する認識をアップデートする必要性を巧みに表現しています。